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About Us

Why “1899”? The year 1899 is significant to the history of golf in the state of Ohio. That year the first public golf course, Ottawa Park was established in Toledo and is still operational today. That same year, on April 11, 1899 to be exact, Coburn Haskell, an avid golfer, and Bertram G. Work, an employee of the B.F. Goodrich Company in Akron, Ohio, received a patent for the first rubber golf ball. Now over 100 years later, we are keeping that spirit of innovation and community alive with 1899 Indoor Golf, a premier indoor golf experience in the great golfing state of Ohio.

1899 is here for you Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. As we like to say “The Golf Season Just Got Longer”. The weather is always 73 degrees and sunny on our virtual courses powered by Trackman. From Muirfield Village to St. Andrews, the perfect driving range, or a number of target games, 1899 is a golfer’s paradise. On top of that we have taken the traditional idea of a clubhouse and turned it into a high-style bar, with a rotating menu of craft cocktails, beer, and wine along with an elevated bar menu.

Congratulations, The Golf Season Just Got Longer!